Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Mattress Review

The Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Mattress is designed to relieve body pressure points and provide a comfortable sleep. This Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Mattressproduct is one of the sought-after products all over the world because of its multiple layer padding with individual encased springs. This pocket coil mattress has wrapped coils which provides noiseless sleep and appropriate weight distribution. It provides comfort and relief to the strained muscles around the shoulders, neck and back. Here are the unique features and other specifications about this wonderful product from Signature Sleep. If you want to see other reviews, you can go back the main review chart at anytime.


The Contour 8 inch mattress has a padding made up of dense foam and polyester cotton. This is very relieving if you are suffering from chronic back pain. Also, the coils of this mattress are 15 gauges which are very much helpful in isolating the movements that cause restless sleeps. Normal spring mattresses have 13 gauge coils which does not make the surface stiff enough, but the 15 gauge coils of this mattress provide sound sleep with a stiffer surface.

The mattress is available in four sizes: twin, king size, queen size and full size. The twin mattress has a dimension of 74 x 38 x 8 inches and weighs around 45 pounds. The product is so popular that it has become the third best selling mattress in its category. The most unique feature of this mattress is its packaging, which has become a plus point. The mattress comes in a vacuum-sealed bag and inflates almost instantly to its size after taking it out from the packing.

The light weight of the mattress makes it easy to transport. The Signature Sleep manufacturers provide one year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers all kinds of manufacturing defects along with body indentation or sagging of up to 1.5 inches or more. This kind of warranty cover is not provided by any other mattress manufacturing company. The Contour 8 inch mattress has become a success because of its affordable price and an excellent body support. The mattress is designed to be used without a foundation with a view of fire safety.

The product offers genuine comfort and relaxation. It has received very good reviews from the customers who have purchased it previously. They have described an improved sleeping experience with this mattress and have recommended it to be a must buy product for safe and sound sleep. It is extremely beneficial to those who suffer from frequent back pains. The mattress can be used by adults and children alike. This product from the ‘Dorel Industries’ stands out in its features and comfort specifications than all the other traditional futon mattress.


– The Contour 8 inch twin mattress is very easy to set up and use.
– The price is very much affordable compared to a regular mattress of the same size.
– It is highly durable for its price range and very comfortable too.
– The mattress has the best quality foam and comfortable layering of polyester between the coils and cover. This helps in providing optimum comfort.
– It can be used by children, teenagers as well as adults comfortably.
– The mattress can easily fit two persons without any discomfort.
– The Contour 8 inch mattress can fit in any standard size frame depending on the size.
– The mattress is compressed and rolled for easiness in shipping and reshapes to its full size in no time.
– It provides optimum weight distribution and contours the body curves for relieving pain and providing relaxation to the muscles.
– Overall, the mattress provides an amazing level of support and comfort.
– The noiseless support provided by the springs is very useful in case of small babies.


Even though the mattress is full of unique features, there are some minor drawbacks also. They are only a few and need to be taken care-of. The drawbacks are not too much to worry about. Here is a list of them

– The edges of the mattress are not very supportive. Sitting on the edges may not seem comfortable.
– The mattress is difficult to fold once it inflates to its full size. Hence, it should be unpacked only where you want it to be. This way, you may not have to relocate it.
– There can be a slight odor of the foam or polyester for a few days. This may not be a problem, but the odor is sure to be noticeable and may last for some days. It will not be a problem once it is aired out.
– The warranty on the product is limited for one year only. But, the quality of the mattress will not dip for a few years.
– There might be a slight sagging in the mattress after using it for some time. This drawback is covered under the warranty provided by the company.


The Contour 8 inch twin mattress from Signature Sleep is a worth its price and is a must buy product. You can give it a plush feel with a foam topper and add to your comfort. This mattress is one of the best products given its quality and affordable price tag. Do not hesitate to buy one for maximum comfort and support.

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