Mattress Sizes Guide

ilustration with the different kind of sizes and dimensions you can find a mattress or bed todayWhen a person finds himself intently surveying the vast floor of the bed department and maybe checking the firmness of the foam whenever he gets a chance, he is one uncomfortable sleep away from buying a new mattress. Whether it is a replacement of the old, wonky one or an addition to his new home, it’s important to look into several factors before making a purchase. Firmness and type are considered first while the commonly ignored factor is the size.

Customers often consider this last thus resulting on returns or exchanges with so much inconvenience on their part and on the seller’s. The worse scenario is settling for what they already bought to avoid the hassle. This is a terrible idea because a sleeper and his mattress will be spending so many nights together for a very long time. A person deserves sleep that lets him float away from the day’s aggravation and rejuvenate him for the next day’s adventures. A brush up on the different mattresses sizes can not only help a sleeper achieve this but also makes a well-informed purchase.

Keep in mind that the number of measurements a buyer takes is trivial if it guarantees he only has to haul his new bed into the house once. First, the buyer should measure the height of the tallest sleeper. This is to avoid the obvious mishap of feet dangling off the edge. Second, the space covered while sleeping should be estimated. It is a best practice to add a few more if the sleeper likes to sprawl. Third, determine the area of the room allotted for the bed. It’s good to have a big bunk but if it restricts movement about the room, it could result to the dreaded return and exchange. Finally, the width and height of the doors should be taken into account. After all, what good is a bed that cannot get into the right room? Now that the basics are covered, it is time to answer the “how big is the mattress?” question.

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Mattress Sizes Comparison Chart

SizeWidth (inches)Length (inches)
California King7284
Double / Full5475
Full XL5480
Twin XL3980
Twin / Single3975
mattress dimensions chart that visually gives an idea of the different available sizes for all industry mattresses

“US MattressSizes” by Gringer – Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –

King Size Mattress

king size beds are the ones you normally find in king hotel rooms. this is the best way to take the hotel experience homeFor the average home, the king size mattress would be the biggest option for a bed. With a whopping measurement of 76” x 80”, the king size bedgives sleepers the opportunity to have undisturbed rem cycles even when there are two of them in bed. The ample space between sleepers that allows cool air to pass and avoid warm nights is a luxury all on its own. Not to mention it stops one person from getting disturbed when the other tosses and turns.

Couples who can afford to give so much sleeping area opt to buy a king size especially when they have a growing family. Nowadays, beds are no longer just for sleeping but a family social space. It is not enough to ask “how big is a king size mattress?” when purchasing one but also “will there be enough room if the kids decide to join their parents?” The plentiful space is now a priority for big families.

How wide is a king size mattress? The width of a king mattress is significant enough that parents will not be forced to wake up when the kids climb in. It is the very enticing feature of a 76 inches wide bed. Pet owners would love the expanse of the mattress since pets have the tendency to jump up in bed to either wake their owners or join in in their relaxation.

California King Mattress

Until recently, huge beds were only made for celebrities and athletes not merely for their luxury but for also the added inches on the length. Due to the changes in body mass and increase in height by succeeding generations, California king mattresses have been mass produced and included in the roster of standard sizes. Buyers tend to think that this huge bed is comparable to a queen plus a full sized bed put together. This is not the case.

How big is a California King mattress?It is 72” x 84”. If you compare it to a king size, the California king mattress size has taken four inches away from the width and added it to the length. It almost has the same surface area as the king size, but its biggest selling point is the length. Sleepers with above average height tend to suffer the inconvenience of their feet dangling over the edge. Before the California king size, it was either live with it or add furniture at the foot of the bed. Thanks to this fairly new addition, those woes will no longer pop up. For more info: Check out this comparison between king and California king.

Full Size Mattress

the double mattress bed is also known as a full bed and it is a little smaller than the queen bedThe full size mattress dimensions can differ among manufacturers, but the commonly known size is 54” x 75”. It is popularly referred to as a “double bed” and often mistaken to cater to two sleepers. Technically, a full mattress can fit two people but they would have to be disciplined sleepers with average height. Two people sharing the full size mattress width will only have a 27-inch allotment each. This can be quite frustrating for someone who likes to move about in bed with very little restriction.

How wide is a full mattress? To get a better picture of the 54 inches width, imagine two baby cribs pushed together. That is a very close if not accurate depiction of the full size width.

How big is a full size mattress? After pushing two baby cribs together, add another crib at the top. Yes, a full size bed is a combination of three cribs. It’s safe to say that it is not advisable for two adult sleepers.

The full size mattress is ideal for kids and teens because it gives them so much space to be restless. Teens would appreciate the extra space where they can stretch and work on their homework. It provides a sense of freedom which children their age constantly strive for. The best part is the full XL that is 5 inches longer than the regular full size which is perfect for teenagers who tend to be taller than average.

Double Mattress Size

The double bed is still a commonly used term for a full size mattress. The latter term came in quite recently so it is understandable to get confused. There is a variation of 53 to 54 inches in width and 74 to 75 inches in length mostly because the size depends on the manufacturer’s preference and even the country it was made in. Generally, the accepted double bed size is 54” x 75”.

It is a smart choice not only for teens but also for single working class professionals who value sleeping space without sacrificing their living area. Not only does the double mattress give them an area to sleep on but also an extra area where they can put their laptops and documents to work on while they relax their back. There is practically when a single sleeper purchases this bed but at the same time it is a treat knowing all that space is for just one person.

Queen Size Mattress

double size beds are the ones found in doube or queen hotel rooms. normally, an adults couple should fit perfectly fineSellers know that sometimes, customers are torn between having a mattress that satisfies two sleepers with plenty of space and a bed that does not eat up all the living space in the room. Luckily, the queen size mattress delivers solutions.

How big is a queen mattress? Or how big is a queen size mattress? It is wider in width than the full size bed and almost the same length as a twin XL. Specifically, the queen size mattress dimensions are 60” x 80”. This is a favorite among couples who like to live within close quarters and a lavish choice for single sleepers. When the bed becomes too small for a growing family, it is often geared as furniture for the guest bedroom. Visiting friends and relatives tend to appreciate the consideration given to their temporary sleeping abodes.

How wide is a queen mattress? When a sleeper is sprawled in the middle of the bed, the distance from the sleeper’s right wrist to his left is a very close approximation of how wide the queen size bed is. A fun sleeper should be able to make one successful log roll within that width.

Twin Mattress Dimensions

Twin beds are smaller than queen beds. these beds are good for children and they should fit without trouble.It is also called the single bed and provides the best option for those living in tight spaces such as dormitories or small studio apartments. The twin mattress dimensions suits individuals who only use their beds for sleeping and prioritize the use of their living space for other activities.

The twin mattress dimensions are 39 inches in width and 75 inches in length. It is sufficient for a good night’s sleep to an adult but expect some limbs to go over the edge. Even for kids, the twin mattress width is not enough to contain their spread-out sleeping positions. Undergraduates would not mind this tight-spaced bed because they are often on their desk tables studying or out of their room. Since this mattress dimension caters to the growing demographic, manufacturers have created the twin XL.

How long is a twin XL mattress? To be exact, it is the twin bed plus 5 inches on the length. It does not compromise the width to add a little extra on the length. The twin XL mattress dimensions accommodate the expected or unexpected growth in adolescents. For practicality’s sake, parents and dormitory managers choose to buy this size as it’s better to have an excess on the length than go out and buy a new bed.

Crib Mattress Size

crib beds are the best beds our little ones have and they also deserve the best mattress you can affordBabies need their own mattresses too. New parents would always want the best for their little ones so they would grow up happy and healthy as they possibly can. One the many things emphasized in caring for newborns is to ensure that they get continuous sleep whenever they need it. Unfortunately, this is difficult to accomplish when the sleeper cannot specifically tell you what’s wrong. In this situation, parents always consider the crib mattress size first because it is an objective factor, unlike the firmness and type.

How big is a crib mattress? It is 28 inches in width and 52 inches in height. The crib is the smallest mattress in the roster. Do not be fooled, though, because it is in no way comparable to an infant. A baby is restless by nature and likes to flail its tiny hands and feet about. The crib allows the baby those movements without having to worry that he will hit the rail. He can practice rolling over without restrictions and even when he gets a little bigger, the crib mattress will still be more than enough to support his size and activities.

When it is time to part with the old mattress, it is best to keep in mind that you are buying it for the long haul.

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