DreamFoam Bedding 12-in-1 Customizable Mattress Review

DreamFoam Bedding 12-in-1 Customizable MattressThe Dreamfoam Bedding 12 in 1 Mattress is a customizable and an inexpensive mattress manufactured by the Dreamfoam Bedding. The company generally operates via online, and its product are highly demanded. The product 12 in 1 got its name as it has 12 possible ‘feels’. You can alter the layers of foam in the way that suits your requirement. However, majority of people like three main combinations very much. Here is a detailed description about the mattress along with its features, merits and drawbacks. If this is not the mattress you want to see, get back to the main comparison chart.


The 12 in 1 mattress is designed in the form of 3 foam layers, each having its own firmness quality. These include the Blue, White and Red layer. The Blue layer is soft; the White one is medium and the Red layer is firm. The mattress has a foam density of about 2 lbs and comes with a zipper top cover casing. Being customizable, the mattress easily matches with your body type, sleeping position and weight range. The mattress can be used as a double-sided product for additional pleasure and durability. The mattress is a USA-made product having the Certipur-US certification that promises its quality performance. The company, Dreamfoam Bedding is a specialist in Visco-Elastic and Latex foam, pillows and toppers and provides best quality products at an affordable price for a comfortable sleep.

Other than the Queen size, the mattress is available in Twin, King, Full, Full XL, California King, Twin XL and Short Queen sizes. The 12 in 1 Queen mattress has a dimension of 79 x 60 x 11 inches is about 60 pounds in weight. The mattress can use three settings namely: Ultra Plush, Plush and Cushion Firm settings by changing the foam layers. For the Ultra Plush setting, the foam layers are arranged from top to bottom as Blue, White and Red. For the Plush setting, they are arranged as White, Blue and Red and for the Cushion firm setting; the foam layers are arranged from top to bottom as Red, Blue and White.

The Ultra Plush setting is best suited for people who love to sleep as wrapped in a cloud-like comfort whereas the Plush setting is good for having a cozy feel without the loss of support. For having a strong support and a little comfort, the Cushion Firm setting is recommended. It is good for people suffering from back pains and who love to sleep on their back or stomach.

The mattress comes in a double layer plastic being tightly rolled up. The mattress is vacuum sealed in a large container and immediately expands after opening the seal. Normally, it takes a few minutes to expand to its full size but sometimes it can take a maximum of 24 to 48 hours. For providing 12 different levels of firmness. the mattress is quilted from both the sides. One side gives a softer feel and is tack and jump quilted while the other side is continuously quilt to provide a firmer feel. The product comes with a ten years warranty for all kinds of manufacturing defects. The set of different layers of foam is extremely useful for having a comfortable and relaxing sleep.


– The 12 in 1 mattress can be arranged in different sets of permutations and combinations within minutes for achieving the right level of comfort.
– It can be unzipped, rearranged and zipped back again with incredible ease according to the mood changes.
– It has a better color coding system which can be used to switch between layers. The colors are easy to remember each time a layer is changed.
– The mattress is best for the couples who have different sleeping preferences as they can sleep comfortably without disturbing each other.
– The mattress is designed for resisting motion disturbance which means that when one partner moves, the other side of the bed will not have motion and is best suited for light sleepers.
– The mattress can be used with along with a platform bed with a solidified foundation to ensure that it does not wear unevenly.
– The product can be used according to the preferences of the guests. This way, it can be a better option to be used in guestrooms.
– It is very much light in weight and hence, can be used easily for kids. One can easily change sheets on this mattress.
– The mattress has excellent covering which is thick, high quality and is quilted on both the sides for providing additional comfort. It is better than most of the expensive brands.


The drawbacks are very few and can be minimized with little considerations. Here are a few of them.

– The mattress cannot be compressed once it is opened.
– The layer of memory foam on it expands when it is opened for the first time. Hence, it is not returnable.
– The mattress cannot be transported or relocated to other room. Hence, you need to decide the room before opening the seal.


The Dreamfoam Bedding 12-in-1 Customizable Mattress is an excellent product which is worth every penny. The affordable price range allows you to choose the combination and size of your choice. It is a good option for toddlers and teens, and you will not regret it after purchasing one. This inexpensive product is a must buy considering its comfortable design and durability.

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